Admission process for non-EU applicants

HELBUS is a private business school and the admission process differs significantly from state universities in Finland. Please first check here if you an eligible applicant. Also, do read through this page carefully before sending us enquiries or applications, especially the section on residence permits.


  • If you fulfil the requirement for residence permit and the minimum entry requirements, you can apply any time of the year, as we process applications throughout the year.
  • Do reserve enough time for your residence permit application and securing your apartment. HELBUS recommends at least 6 months for applying to the full-time programme. Please view the application deadlines here.
  • There is no entrance examination to HELBUS.


  • After you have completed your application form, uploaded all the required documents and submitted the application, we will review it and send you an interview invitation if needed. The interview will be held by telephone or by Skype.
  • If you are admitted, you will receive by email a provisional acceptance letter with payment instructions to your bank normally within two weeks of the interview.
    • Your tuition fee for the full programme will be invoiced with the provisional letter and will fall due shortly thereafter. No scholarships are unfortunately available.
    • The tuition fee payment will be returned to the payer only if your residence permit application is rejected by Finnish Immigration Service and you inform HELBUS about this outcome.
  • After receiving your full tuition payment will send you by email the official acceptance certificate, which you will need for the residence permit application.
  • You will be expected to present the certified copies of your application documents (previous degree awards and transcript) over orientation or the welcome week. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of studies.

Applying for the residence permit

  • As HELBUS is not a state university, the Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI) does not automatically grant a residence permit to HELBUS students from non-EU countries. Please read here, which conditions you must fulfil to be able to apply for residence permit.
  • For these restrictions we are unfortunately unable to consider applications from non-EU citizens to the full-time programme (1st year of studies), who do not have at least some prior university education or justification for their application that would fulfill the MIGRI requirements. MBA students typically have a first degree that they will want to complement with MBA-studies, whereas applicants to the third year top-up programme typically have a diploma that they wish to complement to a Bachelor’s degree.
  • HELBUS will support you in your residence permit application after you have received the official acceptance certificate.

Preparing for the start of your studies

  • After receiving your official acceptance certificate, you can apply for your residence permit online from the Finnish Immigration Service. It may take several months before your residence permit application is processed. An appointment to visit to the Finnish embassy in your country is normally required.
  • Depending on your programme, you may be eligible for student housing. Please find out more here.
  • After receiving your official acceptance letter, you will also get a detailed Welcome to Finland Kit for International Students by email. This pdf-document will help you prepare for your arrival. Closer to the start of your studies you will also receive the New Student Letter informing you of practical details of starting your studies.

If you are a Finnish or EU/EEA citizen, or if you already have a residence permit in Finland for other reasons, you will not need a student residence permit. Please see the admission process for EU students here.

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