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Students Abroad: Hello from Brighton!

Oskari and Anna from the Class of 2013 are studying their third year of the Bachelor’s at the University of Brighton. Did you know that there are 40 universities in England alone where HELBUS students can apply to complete their final year? Where would you like to go?...Read more

4 tips for studying in online programmes

Online studies! Don’t they just seem an answer to your dreams? Spend an evening or two each week with your tablet in the comfort of your favourite coffee shop, a turquoise pool someplace warm, or your bathtub, with some candlelight and hot tea. Reality? Can be, but surely that is not all that there is […]...Read more

Students abroad: Welcome dinner in Oxford

 ...Read more

Students Abroad: Becoming an Oxforder

The first month in Oxford has been hectic and full of action. Little by little moving in here is starting to feel real and our inner Oxforder starts to take place in our mind. This is a perfect city for a student; people are cheerful and the city is full of international students around the […]...Read more

Professor Corner: Dr Greg Brush

I have just completed my second tour of duty at HELBUS. There is a lot to love about Helsinki and the Finnish people. They may be initially reserved, but once they are comfortable with you and open up they are great fun; although you can also skip this preliminary uncomfortable stage with alcohol. If you […]...Read more

Students Abroad: Preparing for take-off

It has been a long way since September 2014, when we started our studies in Helbus. In December, we finally graduated and were ready to take our next step. During our time in Helbus, we learned a lot, grew as individuals and formed strong friendships. Now we; Katja, Riina and Krista, are soon leaving Finland […]...Read more

StudentCorner: Organising a Speaker Visit

As a part of our Business Events Management unit, one of our tasks was to independently organise a business event in small groups. After a quick brainstorming session, our group decided to invite a guest speaker to our school – specifically a business person with insight into the world of entrepreneurship. We regard this a relevant […]...Read more

Professor Corner: Dr David Guttormsen

It was a great pleasure and joy to teach U08: Research Project to the HELBUS students. To carry out their own research for a business project was a new endeavour for most of them, and I was thus rather impressed with how open-minded they were to new processes and their willingness to ‘give it a go’. There were also […]...Read more

Professor Corner: Dr Rosmini Omar

Dr Rosmini Omar, pictured here with the Class of 2015, left us recently having spent three weeks in early November engaging our students in Unit 03: Organisations and Behaviour. The third unit of the first term, Organisations and Behaviour focuses on the behaviour of individuals and groups within the business environment and how these are influenced by the […]...Read more

Alumni Corner: Read this before you go study abroad

The Finnish language is complex, yet practical and beautiful. You can say and mean a lot of things with just one word. And that fits just perfectly for a culture that is not very fond of idle small talk, or even talking at all. So what kind of language would be invented by a culture […]...Read more