New Students


Dear new student,

A warm welcome to HELBUS Helsinki School of Business. Here are a few tips ahead of starting your new study programme with us. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Unit schedules

You can find the unit schedules for the first two years of the Bachelor’s programme from our website. The schedules for the final year and for the MBA will be shared with you later when they become applicable. We recommend that you add the dates for all upcoming units to your personal diaries, especially if planning trips or other engagements. Do remember that your attendance is required in class, so book other events around your studies.

Orientation event

Orientation is mandatory for all new students and will take place just before your studies start. The dates are contained in your New Student Letter, so please refer to that to find the schedules and instructors specific to your cohort. If you need this to be resent, please let us know.

Prepare your gear

All assignments are made and submitted electronically. Each student must have a laptop and MS office (or equivalent). To ensure that all your work is backed up, we recommend the use of a cloud service. Please familiarise yourself with all of the above before starting your studies.


We will communicate any important matters via email. Please make sure any changes in your personal details are shared with the school.