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03.05.2013 | | Emilia Kokkonen

The list of top-up university options available for HELBUS students has grown during the past months. These Bachelor’s and Master’s options will be presented at the Study Abroad Info Session on Wednesday June 5th at 1:30 p.m. in your classroom. Katariina and Kari will provide an extensive info package on the options and on the next steps.

It will be helpful if you gave some thought on where you would like to continue your studies already before the event. The following points might help you in your consideration:

– One year top up programs are mainly available in England. There are several options starting both fall and spring.

– There are a few options elsewhere in Europe as well

– Two-year top up options for Bachelor’s degrees are available in the United States

– MBA top up program may be an option in Malaysia

We warmly recommend that you participate in the event even if continuing your studies doesn’t seem likely for you next January.

See you at the info!


Emilia Kokkonen


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