Is HELBUS a good fit for you?

26.06.2018 | | HELBUS

There are many opportunities for high school graduates, but it may be a challenge to find the right direction for you.

Do you have the courage to try something new? Are you curious about the world around you? Are you interested in economic science and management?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you might be the type of free-spirited person we are looking for.

A business school opens doors

HELBUS welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds, however we have noticed that we attract more than our fair share of determined and entrepreneurial students, often with experience of living abroad. A commonality between all our success students is that they are self-managed, motivated and driven to succeed (however they may define success).

The BA Business Management programme is ideally suited for students that are looking to incorporate their own interests and passion with intensive studies in an international environment.

If this sounds like you, you might be interested in other reasons to apply to study your Bachelor’s at HELBUS

Quick and tangible study progression

Flexible application period (we accept and admit students to the programme around the year)

No entrance examinations (application decisions are made based on written applications and interviews)

Regular timetable allowing for planned work or hobbies (studies are held Monday – Friday from 10am – 2pm, whilst studying the first and second years (equivalency) of the degree)

Emma Tuomala, a current BA Business Management student, is a sprinting example of combining intensive studies with other interests.

Emma is a talented track and field athlete who would have faced great challenge in studying for an entrance exam over several months. Taking breaks from training may also prove impossible ahead of specific competitions.

Here’s Emma’s explanation of how she balances her in-class in on-field commitments:

How and why did you decide to apply to HELBUS?

After senior year in high school, I considered taking a gap year and working. During the Spring and Summer, I did a lot of shift work and realised that I could possibly study at the same time. I investigated higher education opportunities and also looked into the long-duration prep courses for state university entrance examinations. The possibility to head abroad after studying at HELBUS impressed me.  

How do you fit HELBUS fit into your weekly training schedule?

I run 100m to 400m sprints in HIFK Friidrott rf. During the training season (August to May), practices are held six times each week so I really value the consistency of my school classes. In the morning I arrive at HELBUS for 10am and then finish before 2pm. Usually after school I write assignments at home, the library or in a cafe with friends.

In the evening, I then practice with the team from around 7-9pm before going home to rest and prepare for the next day. Morning practices are rare, but I have never had to skip one because of HELBUS. Combining my studies and sport works well because I can manage my own routine and still have time to relax.

What is the best thing about HELBUS for you?

I have met many different types of personalities from many different backgrounds. The staff and international faculty are willing to understand any difficulties we might encounter and encourage and support you in your studies.  

What do you want to get most from your time at HELBUS?

Personal development, networking and fun memories.

Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of? You can apply to join and grow with us too.


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