Professor Corner: Dr. César Baena

13.04.2015 | | Katariina Nuotio

César Baena

Dr. César Baena, Professor of Strategic Management in Kedge Business School, France, visited HELBUS for the first time this spring, delivering the unit Business Strategy.

“Before coming to Finland I was afraid that it would be too cold, but this year the weather was good. I found people extremely friendly and open to the world. People seem to enjoy themselves and are proud of their  city. The architecture is beautiful and I enjoyed the fact that Helsinki has a lot of open spaces and it is close to the sea. I enjoyed the café scene and the variety of restaurants. I found people to be entrepreneurial and that gives the city a good vibration,” he shares his impressions about Helsinki.

What was it like to teach in HELBUS?

“The students at HELBUS are younger than the ones I am used to teaching elsewhere. However, I found them to be very creative and entrepreneurial. They enjoy working with interactive and practical teaching methods. I learned a great deal from the students at HELBUS. They were always willing to share with me their knowledge of Finland, its culture and  economy. Thanks to them I made an interesting discovery, that of the Finnish videogame sector, one the most internationally competitive sectors of the country,”  César describes.

Katariina Nuotio


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