Professor Corner: Martin Desmaras and Dr. Theuns Pelser

10.02.2015 | | saleslion

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Martin Desmaras (left) and Theuns Pelser (right) were teaching at HELBUS in fall semester 2014. Martin Desmaras introduced the basics of Business Environment to the class of 2014. Theuns Pelser worked with the class of 2013 and took them to the world of Contemporary issues in marketing.

Martin Desmaras is the director of Crossbridge Consulting company in Brazil and lives with his family in Canada. This was his fourth time visiting HELBUS and we are pleased to welcome him back in April 2015 to deliver the Communications Management course.


– Teaching at HELBUS has been very stimulating and rewarding. The business program is very forward-looking and offers students a unique exposure to multi-cultural lecturers and an opportunity to continue with their studies abroad.

– I found students to be attentive and lucid. I was also gladly surprised with the entrepreneurial spirit in many. In fact, business ideas as part of task were presented with refreshing creativity and well-grounded solutions to the challenges laid out.


Theuns Pelser visited HELBUS for the first time. He comes from South Africa where he is Professor and Director of the Graduate School of Business and Government Leadership, North-West University.


– This was my second visit to Finland, though the longest stay so far. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in your beautiful city and I hope to repeat this teaching assignment soon.

– The teaching philosophy at HELBUS is very similar to the more senior MBA-level programmes I am used to; which in this case brings enormous benefits to the cohort of learners attending HELBUS.

– Although reserved, the students were easily grasping concepts and produce excellent quality work. I was gladly surprised at their underlying humour and their respectful nature towards their co-learners and instructor.



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