Students Abroad: Becoming an Oxforder

24.02.2016 | | Emilia Kokkonen

The first month in Oxford has been hectic and full of action. Little by little moving in here is starting to feel real and our inner Oxforder starts to take place in our mind. This is a perfect city for a student; people are cheerful and the city is full of international students around the world. The wild nightlife in Oxford helps students to manage their stress levels along with the studies.

Now take a look at our personal experiences of our first month in Oxford:



Krista and Katja Oxford


Hello from the other side!

Before leaving to Oxford, I was very excited but anxious at the same time. I had to leave my normal, boring life and some very important people behind. It was weird to leave and go to a new place you had no idea of. But the second our team; Katja, Riina and I, met up at the airport, we all knew that this year was going to be the best time of our lives. Now that we have been here for almost a month, it is starting to feel like home.

I certainly have not had a boring day here. We are having so much fun together and experiencing new, exciting things every single day. We have faced many unexpected and difficult situations also, such as getting lost, but we have conquered them all. It is actually a very amazing feeling when you realise that  “wow I can actually survive and solve difficult situations on my own!”. You also start becoming better and better at English as you have to use it every day in various situations. School is going well and the studies are actually pretty similar to those in HELBUS –  this might be some relieving news to you all who are going abroad next year. The daily life is becoming also very standardised – you wake up, go to lectures, cook, hang out with friends, do some homework and so on. So actually, the life is the same, the country just different. I am very glad I chose to come study here and can’t wait to see what this year has to offer.



I have to still pinch myself to realise this is really happening. I am living in Oxford, one the most famous student cities in the whole world, and studying my favourite subject, international business. In addition, I have gotten an opportunity to play football with a skilful squad, the Oxford United Ladies. Can this even get better?
To be honest, every moment has not been path strewn with roses. We have got lost like a thousand of times, ended up asking directions from policemen and missed a bunch of busses. However, I think that these blunders belong to our one-year adventure, and there is still a lot more to come. Looking forward to the upcoming year!

P.S. I’m in love with my new football jersey!Katja pelipaita


Emilia Kokkonen


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