Our Students Abroad: Ville-Matti in Prague

30.03.2015 | | Emilia Kokkonen

After graduating from HELBUS in December 2014 I continued my studies at Prague College in February. HELBUS gave me a very good foundation: I learned lots of skills needed in international environments, such as efficient teamwork and preparing and giving oral presentations. My English skills improved to a professional level, which will be very useful in my future job. I made lots of friends at HELBUS and now share a flat in Prague with two of them. With other HELBUS graduates we keep in touch on a weekly basis, whether they are in Finland or elsewhere in the world.

I am currently studying in an English BA (Hons) in International Business Management degree programme for one year. Prague wp_ss_20150330_0001College is a fairly small uni, and there are about 20 students in the class. The other students come from Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, and Germany. Due to the small class size it is easy to approach professors, if something is unclear. The staffis very friendly and I can turn to them for any kind of assistance.

Prague is a beautiful city, and it reminds me a lot of Helsinki. Public transport works well, and it is easy to navigate in the city. Food is cheaper than in Finland, with 5-10 euros one can have a good meal in a restaurant with drinks. Also foodstuffs cost less in supermarkets. Prague offers excellent facilities for jogging and sports. The only downside is that some senior people don’t know English, but I’ve managed these situations nevertheless.

My studies will not end with the Bachelor’s but in the future I will complete also my Master’s degree either in Finland or abroad, after which I can really start my working life.


Emilia Kokkonen


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