HELBUS quality assurance results

20.06.2019 | | HELBUS

The quality assurance of all of HELBUS’ degree-programmes is strictly regulated. The first two years of the undergraduate pathway are accredited by Pearson, the largest education company in the world. Pearson’s external examiner visits HELBUS annually to evaluate our internal quality control and to ensure that we follow Pearson’s policies in our operations, and that our grading and feedback are in line with hundreds of other educational organisations offering the same programme all around the world. Student assessment is a three-tier process – first grades are awarded by the students’ instructors, they are then reviewed by the internal verifier and, finally, by Pearson’s external examiner.

HELBUS received a very positive Quality Control Report from Pearson in June 2019. The report states that HELBUS maintains appropriate academic standards and our students’ work is of high academic quality. Other highlights include reference to:

  • The well-organised and effective online learning track which increases accessibility to, and participation in, the Bachelor’s pathway
  • HELBUS’ quick reactions in implementation of recommendations from previous reviews Effective progression management from the second year to the third year (top-up) and from undergraduate studies to the MBA

According to Pearson, the students know what is expected of them and good academic standards are maintained through HELBUS’s effective management of the programme.



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