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08.05.2019 | | Katariina Nuotio

HELBUS Helsinki School of Business seeks candidates to deliver course units in its Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business programme. There are two delivery tracks: the intensive modular full-time (FT) programme with 3 weeks’ delivery in Finland and a fully online (OL) track that does not require presence in Finland.

The instructors are expected to independently prepare, teach and assess their units with guidance from HELBUS support staff at a distance and on-site, adhering to the guidelines. All units are level 4 or level 5 (1st and 2nd year of undergraduate degree), and are 15 UK credits. The units’ content, descriptions, learning outcomes and assessment criteria are specified by Pearson, also found here: Pearson Higher Nationals in Business.

Candidates are especially sought for the following HND units:

  • Unit 40: International Marketing (October-November 2019)
  • Unit 34: Business Systems (September 2020 or earlier)

Please refer to the link above for detailed specifications of the units. We also welcome open applications to positions in other areas of business and management.

We require the following:

  • teaching experience of undergraduate units (level 4 and 5)
  • Master’s or preferably PhD in business or related field
  • ties with (position in) a well-known, respected university
  • excellent communication skills with a proactive approach to supporting students also at a distance after the unit has been delivered in Finland

We value the following:

  • sound experience in planning, delivering and assessing course units and providing feedback to students
  • experience in criterion-based assessment (such as the HND)
  • ability to manage intensive course modules
  • practice experience in the relevant area
  • for online delivery – experience and/or qualification in online education
  • structured approach with attention to detail
  • proficiency in IT applications such as Turn-it-in, Moodle, etc.

To indicate your interest in the above positions, please fill in your application and contact details using this form. Please upload your CV, and any student satisfaction survey results or  samples that might be helpful in the selection process. We expect shortlisted candidates to refer to the above sought qualities in their application. Please fill in your application as soon as possible but latest before June 2nd, 2019. Please only fill in one application, even if you are interested in several units or both delivery tracks!

HELBUS uses the following online applications: Moodle, Turn-it-in, Zoom. The delivery of full-time course modules includes several days of preparation at a distance, teaching for three weeks, (five days a week, four hours per day) and all subsequent assessment and grading. A compensation package with cost of accommodation and flights are provided for. For delivery of online units, no visit to Finland is required.

For more information about HELBUS please visit our site at


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