Planning your stay in Finland

After you have received your official acceptance letter from HELBUS, you can start making plans for your arrival. If you are a non-EU student, please ensure that your residence permit has arrived before making any further financial commitments.

Finding student housing

Finding affordable student housing may be difficult, especially in the busy fall months, so start looking early. If you are a late applicant, or if you haven’t received an accommodation offer before your arrival, it may be sensible to find a temporary place to stay for the first weeks after your arrival through Airbnb, or a hostel, such as Forenom Hostel Helsinki in Pitäjänmäki, close to the school campus.

You may be eligible to apply for student housing through the Helsinki area student housing organisation HOAS.* Admitted students can apply for HOAS student housing four months before moving in.

To start your application, please first read carefully and follow these HOAS application instructions for HELBUS students. As student housing is very scarce, it may be that you will not be offered accommodation in time, or with your desired specifications.

You may find these portals helpful in your search on the private market:

* International and Finnish students (EU and non-EU) in the following programmes are eligible to apply for HOAS student housing: MBA, 3rd year of the Bachelor’s. In fall 2018, also 1st year students may apply.