Apply for the position of Sales Officer!

08.03.2023 | | Katariina Nuotio

We are hiring! Are you interested in helping people find out about HELBUS and achieve their dreams by starting their studies? We are seeking to hire a proactive and energetic Sales officer. Any sales experience you may have will be valuable, however, we are looking for a team member with exceptional growth-oriented motivation and attitude, […]

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New Board nominated for HELBUS

05.10.2022 | | Kari Jääskeläinen

As the Chamber of Commerce became the new owner of HELBUS, we also got a new board. Leena Saarinen, a board professional, will be the chairman. The members of the board include Rector and CEO Antti Loukola, entrepreneur and doctoral researcher Ghita Wallin, CEO Hannu-Matias Nurmi, CEO Kai Kaasalainen, director Juho Poutiainen, professor Petri Parvinen, […]

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HELBUS 10th anniversary

02.06.2022 | | HELBUS

HELBUS is celebrating its tenth anniversary during the current academic year and the celebrations will culminate to an evening party on Thursday, October 6, 2022. All students, alumni, instructors and other cherished members of the HELBUS community are invited and we hope that all of them will consider joining in this special occasion. Check your […]

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Welcome to the MeetHELBUS-event!

30.05.2022 | | HELBUS

Are you interested in studying business and management in English? Or, are you already in working life, but are considering updating your skill set through our MBA-programme? You are welcome to visit us to find out if HELBUS would be right fit for you! Our fun and casual event MeetHELBUS will be held on Wednesday, […]

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