[+] Can I apply to study without an IELTS test result?

HELBUS is required by its accrediting partners to ensure that students have the necessary English skills to perform well in the programmes. Normally, we accept one of the following proofs of proficiency:
– Finnish matriculation exam in higher level English, or an IB diploma in English. If your Finnish undergraduate degree has been fully studied and assessed in English, you do not need to demonstrate other proof of proficiency.
– A valid IELTS, TOEFL or similar English proficiency test result
– If you have studied your high school diploma or undergraduate degree, or are a citizen of one of the following countries, you do not have to submit proof of their English language proficiency: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Please see the programme-specific language criteria under the programme menu. If your IELTS test result does not meet the criteria, or has expired, you can still apply, but should retake the test. If you wish to prepare well for the test, consider joining the HELBUS IELTS prep course, offered in August 2018 for the first time.

[+] What does it mean that the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are awarded by University of Northampton?

The University of Northampton (UoN) has approved HELBUS as an institutional partner through a rigorous due discipline process. This means that HELBUS can deliver UoN programmes after each programme has been approved. Students are enrolled at University of Northampton, but they will study at HELBUS in Finland, following the same course descriptions and assessment as UoN students in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Quality of delivery is closely monitored by UoN, and a system of external examiners typical to UK universities, and ultimately QAA, the UK quality assurance body. The degree awards  from the UoN are fully recognised in the UK and therefore in other countries, too.

[+] What is a Higher National Diploma in Business (HND)?

The BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business is a higher education qualification recognised in the UK and accredited by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding organisation. HELBUS is the only business school offering this qualification in Finland. It is equivalent to 120 credits (ECTS), or the two first years of the UK Bachelor of Arts -degree. Pearson ensures that the quality of education is at an excellent level through thorough evaluation visits twice a year.

[+] Can I apply for a Master’s programme with a Bachelor’s-degree delivered at HELBUS?

After successfully completing the University of Northampton BA (Hons) Business and Management -degree, you can apply for Master’s programme in England, Finland and elsewhere in the world.

[+] Can I apply for a public position with a degree from HELBUS (i.e., work for the Finnish national or local government)?

As the Finnish law does not recognise private universities, the degrees received at HELBUS by themselves do not make you eligible for applying for a position in government. If you wish to obtain such eligibility, you can apply for a decision of equivalence of foreign degrees from the National Board of Education.

[+] Am I eligible for Kela grants and loans and other student benefits while studying at HELBUS?

Before Spring 2018, only students in their third year of Bachelor’s studies and in the master’s programme have been eligible to apply for Kela financial aid. Due to an organisational change planned for the summer 2018 it will be possible for all students at HELBUS to apply for Kela study benefits starting from fall 2018. This will mean that also the first and second year students in the Bachelor’s programme will be eligible to apply for the Kela study benefits. The change will come into effect in August 2018, and HELBUS students will receive instructions on how to apply. HELBUS students will also be eligible to apply for HSL Travel Card student benefits and HOAS student housing.

[+] Who can apply to HELBUS and when?

HELBUS welcomes applications from individuals in Finland and abroad at any time of the year for studies starting in the fall. Please view the application deadlines here. Unfortunately, due to residence permit issues, HELBUS is currently restricted in being able to admit non-EU students for the first year who do not have a residence permit or citizenship in the EU. Please read more here.

[+] How can I apply to HELBUS?

Admissions to HELBUS differ from state universities, and are based on essay questions and interviews. Please read the application guidelines carefully here.

[+] How much does it cost to study at HELBUS?

As HELBUS is a private business school that does not receive state support, it funds its operations through tuition fees. Investing in your degree is worth your consideration, as your net earnings are likely to increase compared to those who do not have a degree. HELBUS degrees are completed in a shorter time frame than traditional university degrees, thereby enabling you to start recouping the investment in 24 months. Please view the current tuition fees here.