BA student stories


Tiffany Vastamäki

I am currently studying at HELBUS. I have always been interested in business studies, and I applied to HELBUS straight after high school after applying to Aalto. My parents and I discussed that it would make sense for me to apply to HELBUS instead of taking a gap year as it would also help me graduate faster into the working world. 


Applying to HELBUS was a really quick and easy process! 


There was a lot of group work at the beginning of the studies, and the New Student Orientation helped me to get off to a good start.  Even though studying is challenging, I have learned a lot of useful things. There is a really good spirit among fellow students: I’ve found like-minded friends and peers, and we share the same interests. I’ve been able to meet people in the same field, which will be useful in the world of work. 


I think I will go into finance and, thanks to my studies in this field, I just got a summer job in a sales team in a bank! It would have been really difficult to get a job like that without a degree.  


I wasn’t very good at English before, but I’ve made great progress and I already write things better in English than in Finnish!


The teachers are really professional and experts in their fields. They are also really relaxed: no backstabbing! No one is forced to answer in class. In my opinion, it is much better to do project work because there is less pressure to perform. It’s also possible to ask the instructors or staff for help while doing projects. 


The best thing is that it moves fast! There is no risk of getting bored, and it is clear when I will finish my studies. English is also important, and it’s really useful.


I pay for most of my studies with student loans. HELBUS is an investment that pays off – it’s more profitable than taking gap years.


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Katariina Komulainen

I have grown up in an entrepreneurial family, so I did not want to spend years applying for state University. HELBUS was thus a logical first choice for me. Now I am 23, and soon a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Law with working experience in international positions and a start-up entrepreneur. I firmly believe that the fast-paced studies and inspiring lecturers have been central to rapid success and given me the right tools to go even further.

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Johannes Saaristo

Before starting at HELBUS, I had tried to apply to Aalto University. Still, I failed to get in due to time restrictions and other reasons. Even though I am a Finnish native, I have always felt I express myself best in English, so studying at HELBUS felt like a natural decision.

The most considerable doubts I had were the costs of the studies, but my father offered to help me financially, so I instantly grabbed the opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised by the very high-quality teaching. The steady, predictable pace helps me set time aside for my goal-oriented hobbies.

The active Student Core is excellent, with plenty of fun activities and great people.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the teaching and support I have gotten and look forward to the following year. I sincerely recommend HELBUS to everyone who appreciates high-quality English studies. If I had known how efficiently my studies progress – I would have applied years earlier.

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Saija Söderlund

I found HELBUS as I was looking for international business studies without the need to move abroad. The HELBUS program proved exciting and flexible, offering great teachers, a fast pace I was looking for, and excellent staff support. My studies have been both suitably challenging and gratifying, building my self-confidence and giving me excellent tools for my career.

Although I am still studying, I can already see the power of the new network and my new skills. HELBUS is internationally very competitive and great value for the money. I feel I made the right choice to join the Bachelor’s program in 2018.

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Miika Rissanen

Before starting studies at HELBUS, I was planning on pursuing a professional ice hockey career, so I took a break after high school. At the end of my hockey career, I decided to start my studies, and I remembered reading about HELBUS. At HELBUS, I was impressed by the flexibility and fast-paced studies. Naturally, studying in English was a huge bonus. My English speaking proficiency has always been all right; still studying in English was a bit intimidating. That worked out just fine, and with the supportive staff, I got going, even if it was hard at first.

What I like most about HELBUS are the excellent student community, flexible studies and the international teachers. Pre-Covid, when we had in-class teaching, it was always lovely to go to school to meet the excellent staff and students. I always get great support from fellow students and appreciate that we can all be ourselves in class.

Firstly I recommend HELBUS for the international, very skilled teaching staff. It has been valuable for me to learn about new cultures. Most teachers have an active career in business, not only in academia. Have no doubt, HELBUS is an excellent choice for your Bachelor’s degree.

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Aino Kauppinen

“My already high expectations have been exceeded. I really value the school’s international environment and inspirational teachers. There is a supportive atmosphere in-class, which is supported by wonderful people and the Student Core. The small class sizes are great because we get so much more personalised instruction than we would elsewhere, and the experienced instructors bring a range of cultural styles with them that help to engage the class. It is really interesting to learn from different instructor experiences and background, and be exposed to new ways of looking at things. Now that I am entering the job market, I have also found that employers have been very receptive to my education and being a student at HELBUS has really helped me stand out.

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Belinda Selonen

“The prospect of studying at HELBUS appealed to me as I was very keen to study business in English in an international environment. The programme has been rewarding, with the exposure to a truly international faculty the clear highlight for me. The programme has been intensive and finding the right balance between school and other life took a while. Studying in English felt challenging to begin with as well, but as I worked hard I felt quickly more comfortable with my skills and I feel that I have learned so much as a result. One of the best things to come from my studies has been learning how to challenge myself further!

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Hunter Deligeersang

I originally applied to HELBUS as I was moving to Finland and wanted to continue my studies in an international environment. HELBUS made the process of transferring the study credits I had already earned in Hawaii incredibly easy and I have really appreciated the amount of student support on offer since starting my studies. As a foreign student, I especially value the school’s internationalism and continue to enjoy being exposed to instructors from all over the world and the unique teaching styles, ideas and experiences that they bring with them. The smaller class size really helps develop a sense of community among the students, and the three-week unit cycle means that we are able to develop connections with the instructors in a way that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. After HELBUS, I intend to earn an MBA in either the UK or United States and then hopefully put the skills I’ve learned to good use and begin a career as an entrepreneur.

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Anna Lammela

It is wonderful to be exposed to different perspectives of the business environment and to learn about business cultures in other parts of the world. My dream is to continue in my current job in an international law firm. Thanks to HELBUS, I have now an opportunity to move up in the firm. Now that my English language skills are also developing quickly during my studies, I hope that working at our London office will be a possibility one day.

The HELBUS blended programme is designed to suit those of us who work full-time hours and study in the evenings. The professors are really nice and they understand that our work may sometimes affect our studies. I became interested in HELBUS as I already have a job I really like and I did not want to quit in order to study. HELBUS provided a solution for my situation and combining work and studies in HELBUS’ fully-online blended learning programme has been easier than I dared expect!

I have already gained lots of confidence at HELBUS and my English has improved even in these few months. I am truly

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