Our Instructors

William Cardwell

Instructor in Entrepreneurship (MBA)

Professor of the Practice of Finance and Entrepreneurship at Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Managing Partner of Courage Ventures LLC

Dr Tricia Cleland-Silva

Instructor in Strategic Human Resource Management (BA)

PhD in Management and Organization, University Lecturer in Management and Organization at Hanken, Equality Consultant and Co-founder of Metaphora

Martin Desmaras

Visiting instructor in Business Environment and Business Project (BA)

M.Sc., Managing Director at Crossbridge Consulting, Canada

Apramey Dube

Instructor in Strategic Marketing Management (BA)

Consumer insights and strategic branding specialist, Doctoral Candidate at Hanken

Dr Rakhshanda Khan

Visiting instructor in Innovation and Commercialisation (BA)

PhD in Business Administration and Management

Dr Aaron Hermann

Visiting instructor in Developing individuals, teams and organisation (BA)

PhD in International Law,
Policy, Medicine and Management (Interdisciplinary Major)

Dr Outi Ihanainen-Rokio

Instructor in Management and Organisational Behaviour (MBA)

PhD in Organizational Communication, Co-Founder and Partner at Growthsetters Oy

Dr Carolina Kawakubo

Visiting Instructor in International Marketing and Management and Operations (BA)

PhD in Business Management and
Economics, International Marketing Strategy Specialist


Dr Jeremy Kleidosty

Visiting Instructor in Entrepreneurship (BA)

PhD in International Relations

Santiago Martinez

Instructor in Strategy and Critical Issues in Business (BA, MBA)

Partner and CEO of Providentia Ltd, Lecturer in Leadership, Strategy, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Founder of hyvejohtajuus.fi

Rosmeriany Nahan-Suomela

Instructor in International Business Negotiation´(MBA)

Senior Lecturer, VAMK, University of Applied Sciences, Doctoral Candidate at Hanken

Dr Rosmini Omar

Visiting instructor in Human Resource Management, BA

PhD in Management, Associate Professor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr Selcen Ozturkcan

Visiting instructor in Entrepreneurship (BA)

PhD in Management Engineering,  Associate Professor of Business Administration, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Dr Theunis Pelser

Visiting instructor in Organisational Behaviour and Sales Management (BA)

Dean, Graduate School of Business and Leadership, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Dr Keith Perks

Visiting instructor in Marketing (BA)

PhD in International Business and Marketing, Reader in Marketing, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton

Penelope Roux

Instructor in Business Communications and Academic English (BA, MBA)

Graduate of Business Administration and Industrial Studies, Vice-chair and in-company trainer of the Finn-Brit Society, Certified Examiner 

Dr Ivar Soone

Instructor in Strategic Marketing (MBA)

PhD in Economics, Senior Consultant, Faculty Lecturer at TTK University of Applied Sciences, Estonia

Dr Veselina Stoyanova

Visiting instructor in Entrepreneurship (BA)

PhD in Management, Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, UK

Dr Stoyan Stoyanov

Visiting instructor in Innovation and Pitching and Negotiation (BA)

PhD in Management, Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, UK

Dr Costas Theodoridis

Visiting instructor in Research Project (BA)

PhD in Retail Strategy, Senior Lecturer in International Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, UK


Suzana Vasconcelos Tavares

Instructor in Accounting and Finance (BA, MBA)

Assistant Professor in Financial Management and Business Planning at Universidade Europeia, Portugal, Doctoral Candidate at Universidade Europeia