Exchange programme

Are you an international student considering spending a term in Finland? Are you a free mover, who would like to study outside an official exchange programme? Congratulations on your choice! A semester abroad will transform your thinking about the globalising world and your role in it. Finland is by many measures one of the most successful countries in the world, and spending a semester here will open your mind to how things are done the Finnish way. 

The HELBUS Semester Abroad programme for inbound students is flexible in many ways. You can start your studies either as a new term starts, or at any other time and include up to four courses in your Semester in Finland programme. Please note that your home institution will decide whether the credits you earn at HELBUS are transferable.

Currently we offer the exchange programme at levels 4 and 5 (first and second year of studies).  These modules are part of the Higher National Diploma in Business (HND) and accredited by Pearson. You will receive a Pearson certificate for the modules you have successfully completed. If you are interested in joining our partner University of Northampton’s final year degree programme, we do consider applications directly to the third year if you have completed two years of undergraduate studies in business, or a qualification such as HND.

The HELBUS curriculum consists of core business management courses. The course schedule will help you plan your stay in Finland. The first four terms of the HELBUS programme is delivered in intensive modules five days a week. Each module lasts for three weeks. Each module is worth 15 UK credits (equivalent to 7,5 credits ECTS).

Living in Finland

Tuition fees

To complete one semester or four units of your choice at HELBUS, please check the tuition fee here.

How to apply?

Simply send us e-mail at international (at) indicating also your citizenship and we will forward you the application instructions.