Entrepreneurs play a large role in shaping the future, which is why at HELBUS we try to help them by providing them with the tools and competencies they need to be successful. One of our earliest modules in the Bachelor’s pathway is solely focused on entrepreneurship and small business management, and understanding the business environment in which new ventures grow and flourish is a running theme throughout the entire programme.

HELBUS itself was launched as an entrepreneurial venture and so we understand the mindset, skills and commitment it takes to find your place in today’s competitive market. With that in mind, we aim to ensure that what is taught in the classroom is quickly and easily transferable to the real world. By their very nature, entrepreneurs are innovators and forward thinkers, and we have been fortunate enough to have had numerous such students launch successful businesses of their own, even while still students enrolled in the full-time programme. Although our programme is intensive, those with connections to businesses – either as owners or employees – are able to incorporate a significant amount of their professional lives into their school work, thereby creating additional value to both the student and the worker.

On top of this direct knowledge and practical know-how imparted during the programme, our curriculum is further tailored to help would-be entrepreneurs grow in confidence in a range of necessary transferable skills. These include command of both written and spoken English, delivering effective presentations, expertise in pitching and negotiations, and familiarity with basic accounting and all other essential business functions. Our international and diverse visiting faculty and student body also provides you with a unique opportunity to develop a strong international network that will stay with you long after you complete your studies.

If you are about to take control of your own career and become an entrepreneur, you should seriously consider letting HELBUS be part of your journey.