For Parents and Family

Dear family member!

Is your child considering applying to HELBUS? Use this page as your resource center for supporting him or her in this decision. If he or she has already been admitted to HELBUS, please see this page for information for students’ parents.

Is his/her decision the right one?

As a private business school, student experience is at the very core of what we do, aiming to offer a personalised learning experience for all our students. If needed, your child will receive individual support throughout his/her academic journey. The programme is a challenging one, but rewarding in that students make rapid and tangible progress in their studies. Some parents are relieved to hear that a mandatory attendance policy is actually mostly appreciated by students and builds their time management skills, and correlates closely with the level of achievement.

HELBUS status

The Finnish Higher Education Law offers no provisions for private universities and thus, the government cannot recognise HELBUS degrees as such. That is why we have sought international recognition. HELBUS has accreditation through Pearson, the largest awarding agency in Great Britain, and is a validated partner of the University of Northampton in England. The Bachelor’s degree will be conferred by the University of Northampton, and in the final year students are actually enrolled to the University of Northampton while studying at HELBUS in Finland. The degree award will be the same as if your child went to the UK to study.

Applying to HELBUS 

Applying to HELBUS is simple. The applicant simply fills in the application form and uploads any supporting documentation, such as high school diplomas. Within a few days he or she will be invited to an interview, normally held by phone. The admission decision will be communicated within two weeks of the interview by e-mail. He or she will then confirm acceptance of study place by paying the first instalment of tuition fee as invoiced after the admission e-mail. If he or she designates you as a payer in her application form, the invoice and terms will also be sent to you. Payments made directly to the education provider are not taxed donations in Finland. The remaining tuition fees will be invoiced before the start of each term. Please find the current tuition fees here for the Bachelor’s programme and here for the MBA.

By applying to HELBUS now, your child will be able to start her studies already in the fall and have no need to wait another year for the next round of entrance exams for state universities!

After confirming the study place

If your child does not have EU citizenship, he will need to first apply for a residence permit with a valid passport and health insurance. HELBUS staff will be there to support your child in the preparations. Affordable student accommodation is very scarce in metropolitan Helsinki, so the student may have to find accommodation in the private market. All new students will be invited to a mandatory Orientation Day before the start of the fall term.

Studies at HELBUS

In the first four terms studies are organised in three-week intensive modules five days a week, delivered by our international visiting faculty from esteemed universities around the world. Completing a Bachelor’s degree in just two years requires motivation and hard work, but the rewards for making constant progress are great!

Keeping up-to-date with the student’s academic progress

For legal reasons, HELBUS is not permitted to share any confidential information (including academic performance) without the expressed consent of the student involved. We recommend to students that they grant such permission to those with a legitimate interest by completing this form and submitting it to our offices (both physical documentation and digital copies are accepted). Once received, we will then be able to periodically share progress reports with the named parties upon request.

Living in Helsinki

Helsinki is an easy and relatively safe city to navigate. Public transportation is efficient and the HELBUS community will help international students with orientation. There are numerous options for sports, entertainment and cultural activities. Please be prepared for four seasons: winters are long and often cold and require proper winter attire, but there are lots of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of this season even outdoors, such as skiing and skating.

Important dates

All important dates are summarised here for the Bachelor’s, and here for the MBA.

Safety and emergencies

Our staff is available 24/7 in case of emergency for our international students. The public health care system is efficient, and emergency care is available at public hospitals. The HELBUS community provides peer support for any non-emergency issues. HELBUS staff will support the student in any academic issues through the study-counseling program.

Visiting and receiving information

We welcome parents and families to visit the campus, or to contact us in case of any questions.