MBA -programme

Would you like to stand out in the international job market? Do you already have an undergraduate degree from a university or university of applied sciences? Would you like to earn a British Master’s degree while studying in English in Finland?

HELBUS offers a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) -degree programme, where the degree is awarded by the University of Northampton, UK, which means that HELBUS will observe the programme specification and module descriptors of University of Northampton (UoN), and follow UoN policies to ensure compliance with UK quality assurance regulations. This British MBA is an official postgraduate (Master’s) degree regulated by the UK educational authority, QAA.

The programme takes 12 months to complete, from January ’18 to December ’18, and will be run as a full-time programme only, with attendance required 3-4 days a week. You can find out more about the programme, how to apply, the entry requirements and fees by clicking on the tabs below this text.

You are eligible to apply to the MBA -programme if you have graduated (or are about to graduate) with an undergraduate degree in business and management at a level equivalent to the British first or second class (medium-level grade in Finland). Degree holders of other disciplines may apply, if they can demonstrate a passion and interest in business and management in their motivation letter and CV. As this MBA is designated as ‘pre-experience’, executive-level job experience is not mandatory.

The programme will start in January and applications should be sent by November 15th (Finns and EU/EEA -citizens or apllicants with residence permit) or October 15th (non-EU citizens).

If interested, please register via our application service here and start filling in your application. In the section ‘choose programme’, select ‘Master’s programme’.

University of Northampton (UoN) and HELBUS have a partnership through which HELBUS can offer approved UoN business and management programmes in Finland. Students admitted to the MBA-programme will be considered to be UoN students, even if they study the whole programme in Finland.

The overall purpose of the pre-experience MBA-programme is to develop master's-level knowledge and skills in business and management subjects and to enhance the utility and employability of the first degree. It aims to prepare individuals for employment in a management role with a sound understanding of business/organisational contexts.

Compared to a specialist M.Sc. degree, a MBA is a generalist degree with a broader approach. The following modules are included:

Fall term

  • Critical Issues in Business
  • Management and Organisational Behaviour
  • Competitive Strategy and Innovation
  • Strategic Marketing

Spring term

  • Managing Operations and the Supply Chain
  • The Entrepreneurship Report
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Business Research Project

Summer term 

  • International Business Negotiation
  • Business Research Project (cont)

Assessment will mainly be conducted through written assignments such as reports, essays and critical analysis, as well as exams.

The MBA-programme will be offered through the full-time study mode with at least 75 % attendance recommended. Workshops are held each week, mainly in the mornings.

If you already have an undergraduate university or university of applied sciences degree, select "Master's programme" in the online application form, under Choose Programme. You can save your progress and return to continue it in later if needed. When you have completed all sections, click on Send. You will receive a message that your application has been successfully sent.

Upload the following documents with your application:

  • Transcript of your previous studies and your undergraduate diploma
  • Copy of your passport and residence permit if applicable

All documentation must be in English, or officially translated in English.

Write a personal statement with a maximum limit of 4,000 characters. You can find instruction on the internet on "how to write a UCAS personal statement". The statement should primarily describe your motivation to achieve a postgraduate (Master's) degree, how you foresee that you will benefit from the degree, and why you would be a perfect candidate for the programme.  The statement will also represent your written English skills, so do ensure that there are no errors, your grammar is correct and structure well thought out.

Finally, you should send to us, or ask your referee to send to us, one academic reference letter, and if possible, also a professional reference letter recommending you for the demanding MBA-studies. Further instructions are found on the application form.

Your documents will be sent to the University of Northampton for approval, which is why all documentation will have to be in English.



You have a good chance of being admitted to the MBA-programme if you have the following:

  • University or university of applied sciences undergraduate degree in business and management (180 ECTS credits), or similar at a level of British first or second class (medium-level grade in Finland), or
  • Undergraduate degree in another discipline with strong and demonstrated interest in business and/or entrepreneurship (please upload CV).

English language proficiency

In British universities you will have to demonstrate your English language proficiency at a suitable level, such as your Finnish matriculation exam, IELTS or TOEFL-exam, as follows:

  • IELTS overall score of 6.5 with no section below 6.0, or similar, or
  • At least a magna cum laude in English A in the Finnish matriculation exam (please upload your matriculation diploma)

Finnish, EU and EEA-citizens

The tuition fees for Finns and EU-citizens starting their MBA-programme in October 2017 is €11.600 (including value-added tax). Payment is in two instalments (€5.800 in September and January).

Non-EU citizens (without residence permit)

The tuition fees for non-EU citizens starting their MBA-programme in October 2017 is €15.000 for the whole programme (including value-added tax). It must be paid before receiving the official acceptance certificate. Unfortunately, no scholarships are available.

The payment schedule differs from EU-citizens due to the residence permit requirements of the Finnish Immigration Service.

All students should have a laptop with MS office installed.