Student Life!

It is a major decision to become a student, and entering student life should be a memorable time during which you will meet new people from all over the world and engage in new activities; ranging from just hanging out, to sharing your interests or finding new ones, pursuing research, travelling or building your capabilities by doing voluntary work. The time you share among your fellow students will be one to cherish for the rest of your life, and we encourage you to make the most of it.

HELBUS students have organised themselves around a student union called HELBUS Student Core.

Annual tasks of HELBUS Student Core include Freshmen party, kick out party for graduating students, acquiring sponsors for the core, and ordering dark blue student overalls for the students. HELBUS Student Core has taken part in Studia fairs, skiing in Himos, floating in Stockholm, celebrating May 1st in Kaivopuisto, celebrating pre-Christmas, and singing karaoke. Also, the Student Core has taken part in student events by other student unions. Student Core has also joined to traditional Freshmen party at Töölönlahti and kick out parties.

Every Fall HELBUS Student Core board is elected from new students. Participants of HELBUS Student Core gain HELBUS Miles -activity points from the volunteer work. The HELBUS Miles -activity points may be used to receive for example a HELBUS hoodie. Moreover, you will get good mood and it will look good on your CV.

HELBUS Student Core 2023-2024

Chairperson of the Board: Ida Rantala
Vice-Chairperson of the Board: Cantor Cohen
Senior Financial Manager: Nyan Thit
Junior Financial Manager: Juuso Lehmuskallio
Senior Event Manager: Sonja Arjavalta
Junior Event Manager: Mette Burgman
Senior Marketing Manager: Milla Tähtelä
Junior Marketing Manager: Amanda Niemikorpi
Corporate Relations Manager: Sabrin Al-Seiab
Secretary: Ella Tikkanen

Contact the Student Core by sending email to helbusstudentcore (at)

Go follow HELBUS Student Core on Instagram @HELBUSStudentCore