Meet our staff!

Kari Jääskeläinen

Dr. Kari Jääskeläinen, the HELBUS CEO, is a keen runner and an entrepreneur. He holds a D.A. from the University of Arts and Design Medialab. Additionally, he holds a Master’s in Economics and Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the Helsinki School of Economics.

Kari likes to think that we all have the power to influence our future through the choices and decisions we make. Anything can be within reach, if you set your mind to it and work hard. He hopes to pass on some of his curiosity and determination to the students of HELBUS.

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+358 40 501 7627

Skype name: karijaask

Katariina Nuotio

Katariina Nuotio is the Executive Vice President at HELBUS, and also the Programme Leader for University of Northampton programmes at HELBUS. She is in charge of many areas of HELBUS operations and works closely with faculty, the University of Northampton academic and partnership staff, as well as MBA students needing special assistance. Katariina has a M.Sc. in Economics from the Helsinki School of Economics (today known as Aalto University) and a teaching qualification from Haaga-Helia UAS. She enjoys yoga, music and cycling, and looks forward to owning a dachshund again one day.

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+358 40 411 2198

Skype name: helbusfinland

Penelope Roux

Penelope Roux, the Programme Leader for the first two years of the undergraduate programme, worked for over 20 years as a finance professional in the IT industry before training as a teacher. She holds several teaching qualifications, has extensive higher education teaching experience and has also worked as a freelance trainer, editor, translator and co-author of textbooks. At HELBUS Penny works closely with the visiting faculty and is also responsible for the internal verification of the assessment cycle. She is involved with students also through academic skills support.

When she is not at HELBUS, Penny can be found with her bees in rural Finland. She is on the Council of Finnbrit society and is a member of Slow Food Helsinki.

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+358 40 030 4401

Vilma Salonen

Vilma is the BA admissions coordinator and works with the marketing team at HELBUS. Vilma graduated from the HELBUS Bachelor's programme in Summer 2022. Vilma is here to support you on your admissions journey and will help with any questions you might have!

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+358 40 830 3003

George Mossford

George Mossford is the Academic Support Manager focused primarily on supporting our Bachelor students. He holds a Masters in Research Methods from the University of Bath (UK), separate Bachelor's degrees in both business and psychology, and a vocational teacher qualification obtained in Finland. With a background in specialist copyediting and sports management, George is always available to help students reach their potential and to support our visiting faculty in delivering top-quality tuition.

Outside of the office, George has a passion for rugby. A former chairman of the Finnish Rugby Federation (Suomen Rugbyliitto), George was inducted to the Finnish rugby Hall of Fame in 2021 and referees the sport at international level. He lives in Espoo with his wife and three children.

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+358 404 159 617

Emilia Kokkonen

Emilia is the Learning Technology Manager as well as the programme coordinator for the final year of the Bachelor’s programme at HELBUS. She works closely with the students, faculty and the partners at the University of Northampton. Emilia graduated from the HELBUS Bachelor’s programme in 2017 and she holds a Master's degree in International Management from the University of Bath (UK). She plays lacrosse competitively and has international playing experience with the National Team.

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+358 40 7012288

Suzana Tavares Heikkilä

Suzana Tavares Heikkilä is a Resident Instructor at HELBUS. She teaches finance and accounting in all HELBUS programmes and supervises final projects. Suzana is from Portugal and has earned her Bachelor’s and MBA-degrees from the university Católica Lisbon.

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+358 40 570 2184

Taru Ellilä

Taru Ellilä is HELBUS' Academic Support Manager for the MBA students and helps in assessing assignments when required. As a HELBUS MBA alumna herself, she knows the requirements for academic skills like the back of her hand. For her Bachelor's degree, she studied marketing communications in Bournemouth University and worked in the field for some years before pursuing her MBA.

In her free time, she is a freelance management consultant and spends time with a large variety of hobbies to accommodate her insatiable interest for learning and new experiences. Her strong international background comes from extensive travelling and from years living in Singapore and the UK.

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+358 50 3533441

Leena Boksha

Leena is the Sales and Growth Officer at HELBUS working closely with marketing, branding and student recruitment. She strongly believes in the power of education and she encourages everyone to take the step to develop themselves!

She graduated from the HELBUS Bachelor's programme in 2020 and has a Master's degree in Service Management. Next, she'll work towards a PhD in Economics and Business Administration. In her free time she paints and enjoys running, going to the gym and yoga.

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+358 44 2448553