Entry requirements

You have a good chance of being admitted to the MBA-programme if you have the following:

  • An undergraduate degree in business and management or similar subject from a university or university of applied sciences (180 ECTS credits), or
  • An undergraduate degree in another discipline with interest in business and/or entrepreneurship (please upload CV with your application)
  • You can apply also without an undergraduate degree if you can demonstrate managerial experience

Not all undergraduate degree certificates have an overall grade or classification. Normally, a level equivalent to the British first or second class would be required (medium-level grade in Finland).

English language proficiency

You can demonstrate your English language proficiency with one of the following ways:

  • You have studied your previous degree in English (see more below).
  • You use English as your working language and your supervisor writes a letter stating this (see more below).
  • You have IELTS overall score 6.5 and no section below 6.0.
  • You have TOEFL overall score 88.
  • You received at least magna cum laude (M) in English A in the Finnish matriculation exam (ylioppilaskirjoitukset)*

English proficiency proof by the fact that your previous degree was delivered in English

If you can provide proof that your studies were taught in English, then we may be able to accept this. We can consider one of the following as proof:

  • Your undergraduate certificate or transcript stating that the medium of study was English.
  • An official letter from institution on letterhead paper with a signature stating that the medium of study was English.
  • A statement on your previous institutions website that indicates that the program was delivered in English may be acceptable.
  • A reference letter from a teacher stating you possess sufficient English skills.

All decisions are made case by case.

English proficiency proof by the fact that you use English as your working language or have studied English

You can ask a credible person (e.g. teacher or employer) to write a letter that certifies that you are competent in speaking and writing English. The letter must contain a clear statement by the writer that you possess sufficient English skills. This statement can say e.g. that “I certify that…” the person XY (you) are competent in speaking and writing English. This must be followed some evidence which can be like: The person XY (you) studied English for X years or that you have worked in an English-speaking environment.  Finally, the letter should indicate how you studied or worked, e.g. by saying e.g. that you wrote assignments in English or e.g. that you served English speaking customers. This letter must be on a company letter headed paper.

*If your results meet these requirements but you’ve taken the exam over 10 years ago, please use ask for a letter form your employer stating you’ve continued to use English in your working life.