The tuition fees for Finnish, other EU/EEA and non-EU students are the same in the undergraduate programmes, although payment schedules differ due to the government policy on student residence permits.

The tuition fee in the Bachelor of Arts programme that starts in September 2022 (full-time programme), euros:

Full-time programme Payment schedule for Finns/EU-citizens
1. year 4,990€*2 September 2022, December 2022
2. year  4,990€*2 March, August 2023
3. year 4,990€*2 January, March 2024
In total 29,940€

Due to having three terms in a calendar year, the second year studies in the full-time programme start already in the Summer term, around April, after the fall and spring term. Non-EU students, who need a student residence permit for the duration of their studies, must pay their first year’s tuition fees before coming to Finland. If a non-EU student has a residence permit for other reasons such as family, they can follow the payment schedule for Finnish students.

The tuition fee in the Bachelor of Arts programme that starts in September 2022 (online programme), euros:

Online programme Payment schedule 
1. year 5,190€*2 September, December 2022
2. year 5,190€*2 September, December 2023
3. year 4,990€*2 January, March 2024
In total 30,740€

Non-EU students can opt to follow the EU students’ payment schedule if studying in the online programme from their home country. The third year studies are offered only full-time, and require presence in Finland, which is why non-EU students who take part in the third year of their studies must pay the third year’s tuition fees before coming to Finland.

  • The tuition fees include a wide range of e-learning resources, but if the student wants their own textbook it will be procured at own cost.
  • All students should have a laptop with MS Office and an internet connection.
  • Tuition fees include the value-added tax (VAT). If the government increases the tax from the current 24 %, the tuition fees will increase respectively. If the VAT is reduced, or abolished fully or partially, there will be no reduction in the tuition fee.
  • Confirmation fee: HELBUS may charge a one-time confirmation fee (300-500€ depending on programme) before the start of studies to secure your study place. By paying the confirmation fee, you will confirm your acceptance of the study place. The fee will be reimbursed in the first tuition fee payment. If you do not start your studies, the paid confirmation fee will not be reimbursed.
  • Cancellation fee policy: You can cancel your participation to the programme by email before the start of a new term. However, tuition fees that have already been paid will not be returned. Your tuition fee payment will be returned to the payer only if you are not given a residence permit by the Finnish Immigration Service and inform HELBUS about this decision.
  • If the student must retake a unit in the next year, or transfer to the online programme for a given unit, a 200-250 euro retake/transfer fee will be administered per unit. In the third year, the retake and deferral fee is 817 euros per module. Details are found in the written contract signed by the student in the beginning of studies.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer any scholarships.
  • If attending the full-time programme, you should budget at least €1.000 per month for living costs in Helsinki, although this cost will depend on your accommodation and lifestyle.

Why does HELBUS have tuition fees?

As HELBUS is a private business school, it receives no state support. HELBUS funds its operations entirely through tuition fees.

The good news is that by studying with HELBUS it is likely that your overall cost for the Bachelor’s degree will be lower than if you studied the three years in the UK! In the UK EU citizens normally pay at least €35.000 for the tuition of three years, whereas in HELBUS your tuition fee for an undergraduate degree will be below €30.000.

An academic degree is an investment in yourself and your future. Research in Finland has shown that a university degree will increase a Finn’s lifetime net earnings by an average of €312.000 compared to someone who does not have a degree. You will graduate more quickly than your peers in traditional universities, and thereby start recouping your investment earlier.