MBA student stories


Hanna Hautajärvi

“During my career I have noticed how invaluable a master’s degree can be for future development and enhanced competitiveness in the job market, both of which were my main goals in choosing to study an MBA.

I’ve previously studied an international BBA-degree and have been very happy with how the MBA at HELBUS builds on my existing knowledge and challenges me personally and professionally.

I am impressed by the international and diverse faculty at HELBUS, and the intensive one-year programme fits my needs well as I will be able to complete my degree quickly and then continue my career. I’ve been very happy with the programme so far and the tight collaboration of HELBUS and University of Northampton has impressed me, as it guarantees a high-quality education.”


Pasi Ketolainen

“I’ve been thinking about doing an MBA for couple of years now, and HELBUS’ programme fit my current life situation well. The MBA offers versatile and business-orientated solutions to challenges that I’ve experienced in my working life and the diversity and quality of the tutors exceeded my expectations. The international atmosphere and the helpful staff make everyone feel welcome, and the programme itself is reasonably priced and fast-paced. I’m also happy that assessment is primarily through written work rather than exams.”


Juuso Boman

“My career development is dependent on my ability to expand my knowledge and improve my competencies through business education. Since enrolling in the MBA at HELBUS Helsinki School of Business I have been very impressed by the flexibility of the school, as well as how customer-orientated they are. The ongoing collaboration with the University of Northampton is visible in the quality of the programme, as UoN’s business school has a proven track record in delivering top-notch education. Overall I’ve been very happy with my choice as it’s wonderful to be in an academic environment again. The course content, as well as the quality of teaching, has impressed me and the diverse cultural and business backgrounds of the international faculty, most of whom have entrepreneurial or business background, bring added value to the studies. I would highly recommend the HELBUS MBA to anyone looking to develop themselves professionally.”


Nina Toivanen

“I recently graduated from a Bachelor’s degree in Barcelona and wanted to complete a Master’s straight away. Had I applied to Finnish state universities, I would have had to wait for a year before starting my studies, but through HELBUS I was able to begin my post-graduate education immediately. I would like to work abroad in the future, so doing an MBA was ideal for me as it is well-respected internationally and can open many doors. I had previously studied for a higher national diploma at HELBUS so knew already that this was a school that I could enjoy and trust in. The MBA programme is challenging, but from previous experience I know that the HELBUS staff and faculty will be there to help. Our MBA cohort is also very supportive and diverse, and we are able to learn a lot from each other.”