What is HELBUS?

HELBUS is a private business school in Finland founded in 2012 and today fully owned by the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. Through its partnership with the British University of Northampton, it offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business and management awarded by the University of Northampton. It also offers the Higher National Diploma, a two-year qualification accredited by Pearson, the largest accrediting organisation in the UK. This business education is delivered fully in Finland and offers you the opportunity to develop the core skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in international business. If you are interested in a career in international business, do explore our website and consider what HELBUS has to offer you!

International orientation 

Programmes at HELBUS are taught completely in English. Our visiting instructors come from prestigious universities in twelve countries and will challenge you to think globally. Students take an active part in the lessons thus developing their communication and presentation skills that employers highly value. Over 80 % of HELBUS instructors hold a doctorate and all have a wealth of teaching experience as well as are professionals in their own areas of expertise.

Individual focus and efficient learning methodology

HELBUS has a relatively small class size and student-to-faculty ratio. Your learning is optimised through a modular course structure in which students study just one subject at a time for three weeks in the full-time undergraduate programme. Progress is constant, and our dropout rates are lower than those in schools that use traditional study methods.

Stepping stone to global opportunities

HELBUS prepares students for their careers in international business. The curriculum underscores the skills and knowledge that are required by employers in the 21st century. Additionally, students learn important personal skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving and interaction.