Full-time vs online studies

Studying in the full-time programme

Would you like to earn your degree quickly and get a head start in building your international network? Do you have the time and motivation to dedicate yourself to attending class daily?

The first two years of the full-time programme are delivered in intensive consecutive units, each lasting for just three weeks. You will have the chance to establish close relationships with each of your international instructors, as typically they visit Finland from their home universities and countries for the specific purpose of delivering their HELBUS unit. Experience has shown that the risk of dropping out is reduced significantly in this intensive modular learning methodology as compared to more traditional methods, and your academic progress will be tangible from the first weeks of study. Classes are held in Helsinki five days a week between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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Studying in the online programme

Do you have a dream job but would like to advance your career by earning a Bachelor’s degree? Do you have a lifestyle that requires a lot of travelling and hence a flexible study plan?

The study content is the same in both delivery modes. The online programme – available for the first two years of the programme – requires excellent time-management and independent study skills as the focus is on independent learning. Although you will have peers, you rarely meet with them, as they are likely to work full-time or live elsewhere. Also, your engagement with instructors will be online. Online classes normally take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Finnish time. Each unit lasts for seven weeks, so unlike in the full-time programme, there is some overlap between units. There are no studies over the summer term, so this delivery mode takes longer to complete compared to the full-time programme (3 years for the Bachelor’s degree).

You will need a laptop or other device with an internet connection to participate in these online sessions, although they are also recorded, allowing you to watch them later if you happen to miss one.

Delivery mode in the third year

Currently, the third year is only offered in the full-time study mode, but as the lectures take place in the mornings, it offers students the opportunity to work in the afternoons. All modules are taught across two terms, following the University of Northampton schedules of delivery and assessment. Instructors are experienced higher education professionals either with a Finnish or international background. If you would like to complete the third year fully online at a slower pace, our partner university does offer such an option.

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