Professor Corner: Dr Antoine Eid and Dr Trenton Milner

21.10.2015 | | George Mossford

Antoine's class of 2014HELBUS recently welcomed two highly-experienced instructors to our Helsinki campus in September  – October: Dr Antoine Eid (pictured right) led the class of 2014 through U41 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management, while Dr Trenton Milner, took charge of the class of 2015 and introduced them to the world of U04 Marketing Principles.

Both marketing professionals, our instructors had a lot to discuss with each other and their collective experience was reported to be highly enjoyable, with a large amount of classroom interaction and frequent opportunity for discussion among and with the students. New to the Nordics, Trenton also took the chance to pop over to Tallinn for a city break while Antoine, as a returning member of the HELBUS faculty, introduced Antoine to the city of Helsinki and tried (with only moderate success) to teach Trenton the etiquette of Finnish saunas. The pair also spent a significant amount of their evenings glued to the TV in the more internationally-orientated bars of the capital, as both are avid fans of rugby and their visit to Helsinki just happened to coincide with the pool stages of the Rugby World Cup. Antoine even managed to leave with a free RWC t-shirt from one such establishment having watched so many games with them!

As always, HELBUS thanks both Antoine and Trenton for their hard work and dedication during their three-week stay with us and wishes both well as they return home to focus on the final weeks of their instruction on the blended learning pathway of their respective units.

George Mossford


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