Professor Corner: Dr. Costas Theodoridis

25.06.2015 | | George Mossford

Dr. Costas TheodoridisHELBUS recently welcomed Dr. Costas Theodoridis, Senior Lecturer in International Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan’s Business School, to teach the Business Decision Making unit. This unit was the last before the summer break, but evidently our learners were able to put aside their summer plans and focus on the tasks at hand as Dr. Theodoridis was full of praise for the group:

Helbus students are hard working and have a very positive attitude towards learning. They were very receptive and this was reflected in the assessed work they produced, as well as the directed activities they engaged in within the classroom. I found them to be entrepreneurial and with a practical spirit, and I really liked that they were comfortable to improvise and move beyond their comfort zone in order to meet my expectations.

The city of Helsinki also captured the heart of our newest member of the flying faculty, who enjoyed the ‘mix of two different worlds: the imperial Russian heritage and the contemporary Nordic.’ HELBUS thanks Dr. Theodoridis for his three weeks with us and wishes all our students an enjoyable summer break!


George Mossford


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