Professor Corner: Dr Rosmini Omar

23.11.2015 | | George Mossford

Rosmini's class C2015Dr Rosmini Omar, pictured here with the Class of 2015, left us recently having spent three weeks in early November engaging our students in Unit 03: Organisations and Behaviour. The third unit of the first term, Organisations and Behaviour focuses on the behaviour of individuals and groups within the business environment and how these are influenced by the size, corporate culture, objectives and industry of the enterprise. Incorporating the latest in orgaisational theory, the unit attempts to ensure that learners not only have a thorough understanding of the literature, but that they are able to identify and apply such techniques in managing workplace behaviour.

While the full-time Class of 2015 have now moved onto Unit 38: Business Events Management, Rosmini will continue to lead the blended learning module in their studies until early December from her home in Kuala Lumpur.

An associate professor at the International Business School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Rosmini has extensive teaching experience across a plethora of subjects that include management, organisation development, business ethics & human values, organisational behavior and organisation development.

George Mossford


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