Professor Corner: Martin Desmaras and Dr Cristiana Sappa

03.11.2015 | | George Mossford

The fall term is HELBUS little planeta busy time for HELBUS as we have two cohorts running simultaneously; one of which is quickly approaching their graduation date.

In September, HELBUS welcomed Dr Cristiana Sappa to steer the class of 2014 through the murky waters of business law in the form of Unit 05: Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business, an experience which she found exciting as a new arrival to the HELBUS faculty:

Delivering this programme enhanced my creativity as a teacher: I had to change the teaching method on a regular basis in order to capture the attention of students.

Having to adapt to the Finnish student is a common theme amongst our instructors, the vast majority of which come from abroad, often visiting Finland and the Nordics for the first time. One of the old hands at this though is Martin Desmaras, a senior partner in a Canadian consulting firm and one of the first-ever instructors to teach at HELBUS. He returned to our campus in late August in order to get the class of 2015 started in their studies as they tackled Unit 01 Business Environment:

Teaching the new cohort of students was a very rewarding experience. Interaction in class was fun and the students’ attitude towards learning was positive. I gladly observed how many students worked hard toward achieving their academic potential and brought interesting contributions to discussions.

Thank you to both instructors on behalf of all of HELBUS students and staff!

George Mossford


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