Some thoughts on the future of our offspring

10.02.2015 | | Katariina Nuotio

We parents often have to bite our tongue and restrain our good advice while watching our offspring juggle deadlines and study for their finals at high school.

We have to give it to them; with such unlimited information at hand comes immense responsibility in learning how to handle all that, simultaneously learning the concepts, theories and their applications in various subject areas. Their time management skills must be superior to even my idol David Allen, as they juggle the numerous social occasions with intensive studying and oftentimes competitive hobbies.

Many high school seniors are now completing their studies and preparing for the matriculation exams. We parents have our thoughts on their future:

Will they find their place in the world, will they be admitted to universities to study? How can they handle another stretch of study on top of all of this, preparing for university entrance exams?

If you are like me, you will also worry about him completing his military service, which is bound to delay the start of uni by a year or two.

I am blessed to know about an option – about HELBUS, which has more flexible entrance requirements than the traditional state university admission systems. One can apply at any time of the year. There is no entrance exam, but one should reflect on future goals and bearing responsibility in an essay.

One can complete two years of study in just 15 months and a full Bachelor’s in two years, earning the degree from abroad, too. One can perfect one’s English skills while working towards a degree. Interesting, friendly professors from all over the world teach them about approaching academicians and networking in the adult world, which will help them when they test their wings abroad at uni.

He could first complete his Bachelor’s, then do the military service and apply for Master’s at the same time.

Also, as a parent the investment in ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????my offspring’s education is not considered a taxable gift.

I think I can sleep in peace. 


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Katariina Nuotio


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