Students Abroad: Preparing for take-off

13.01.2016 | | Emilia Kokkonen

It has been a long way since September 2014, when we started our studies in Helbus. In December, we finally graduated and were ready to take our next step. During our time in Helbus, we learned a lot, grew as individuals and formed strong friendships. Now we; Katja, Riina and Krista, are soon leaving Finland behind and are starting our studies in the Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

The whole process of applying for the final year of our studies has been quite demanding but things usually tend to solve out in the end. We have had to write many assignments, fill out several documents and search for a lot of information in order to be ready for the year abroad. The amount of the questions we have sent out to the university has most likely caused a headache to the Oxford Brookes staff. There is still a lot to do but there is not much time left, as we will leave in three weeks.

We are very excited to take-off and spend the year abroad. We are sure, that this experience will be worth all the work and will be unforgettable. As we have settled in our new home, we will keep you updated of our journey in Oxford.

Krista, Riina & Katja

P.S Riina really has no glasses, she is just trying to look smart



Emilia Kokkonen


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