Over 400 applications for visiting faculty positions

09.05.2014 | | Katariina Nuotio

Recruitment for visiting faculty positions at HELBUS is well under way. In April, HELBUS received almost 450 applications from 65 countries for instructor positions in marketing, operations management and other course units.

Dr. Kari Jääskeläinen, CEO of HELBUS, is delighted about the high quality of applications received for the positions. “Almost all the applicants hold teaching positions or professor’s tenures in prestigious universities abroad. Many of the applicants have colleagues in Finland, who had spoken highly about HELBUS. The feedback we received from the applicants has been very encouraging,” he remarks.

HELBUS offers a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business so that two years are studied at HELBUS and one year abroad. Students receive the BA-degree from a university abroad. Course units are mostly organised in three week modules and delivered by international faculty. Over 80 % of faculty hold PhDs and have teaching positions in their home universities around the world. HELBUS is a private business school founded by Dr. Veikko Jääskeläinen, the former rector of Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, today part of Aalto University. Enrolment to HELBUS tripled in the second year, and growth is forecast to continue this year, too.

Katariina Nuotio


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