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18.03.2016 | | Katariina Nuotio

Application period is now closed.


Announcement for vacancies in teaching faculty for HELBUS online business programme 

HELBUS Helsinki School of Business is seeking candidates to deliver course units in its Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business programme. There are two delivery tracks: the intensive modular full-time programme with 3 weeks’ delivery in Finland and a fully online blended learning (BL) track. This announcement is for the BL track.

The instructors are expected to independently prepare, teach and assess their online units on the online platforms with guidance from HELBUS support staff at a distance, adhering to the guidelines. All units are level 4 or level 5, and are 15 UK credits. The units’ content, descriptions, learning outcomes and assessment criteria are specified by Pearson.

Candidates are sought for the following blended learning HND units. The unit descriptions are found through this link: Pearson Higher Nationals in Business

Research Project


  • Marketing Essentials
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • International Marketing
  • Sales Management


  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Innovation and Commercialisation
  • Launching a Venture
  • Pitching and Negotiation Skills


  • Management and Operations
  • Business Strategy

Human Resources

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organisational Behaviour

Management Accounting

We require the following:

  • teaching experience of undergraduate units (level 4 and 5)
  • Master’s or preferably Ph.D. in business or related field
  • ties with (position in) a well-known, respected university
  • excellent communication skills with a proactive approach to supporting students at a distance

We value the following:

  • sound experience in planning, delivering and assessing online course units
  • proven experience in managing the online classroom with interactive learning components
  • experience in criterion-based assessment (such as the HND)
  • demonstrated experience in preparing videocasts and other materials and guidance also for independent learners
  • practice experience in the relevant area
  • structured approach with attention to detail

To indicate your interest in the above positions, please fill in your application and contact details using this form and upload your CV, student satisfaction survey results, and any samples and screenshots of materials you have delivered. We expect shortlisted candidates to refer to the above sought qualities in their application. Please fill in your application as soon as possible as we will start recruiting quickly for fall 2016 courses. The deadline to apply is April 11th, 2016. Please only fill in one application even if you are interested in delivering several units or both delivery tracks!

Instructors are primarily hired to deliver the online units from their home countries, but please indicate in the application form if you would be interested in also offering the unit on campus, following a 3-week modular structure.

HELBUS uses the following online applications: Adobe Connect, Moodle, Turn-it-in. HELBUS offers the two-year Higher National Diploma in Business programme (BTEC Level 5). Finland is in the time zone GMT +2, and online virtual lessons are held at 6 p.m. Finnish time, normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Katariina Nuotio


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