COVID-19 – HELBUS approach to teaching and learning

07.08.2020 | | HELBUS

Updated: 10.1.2021/The restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic will continue in January 2021 and the situation will be updated at the end of January

HELBUS remains committed to providing the best possible teaching and learning experience for all students so that students are not academically disadvantaged because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Operations on the new campus in Runeberginkatu will continue in August 2020 in accordance with the principles and recommendations for teaching and learning, accessible through this link:  HELBUS approach to teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will continue to update this link as the primary source of information. Additionally, we will also send e-mails to both students and staff with the most important updates.

According to the Government announcement of 15.10.2020, all higher education institutions are recommended to move to online teaching. From this date onwards until further notice HELBUS will organise all teaching as online studies supported with extensive digital materials available for all students.

According to the Helsinki area corona-coordination group announced that the restrictions will continue in January 2021. The situation will be updated at the end of January.

COVID 19 – HELBUS approach to teaching and learning



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