HELBUS’ tenth year of operation begins today

20.04.2021 | | HELBUS

HELBUS’ tenth year of operation begins today – a big party will be held in a year’s time!

Rarely has a small marketing email had had as great an impact as a seminar ad I received from Poland about 10 years ago. It was an invitation to a conference of Polish private universities. I immediately contacted my father Veikko and stated that we should go there. (My father Veikko Jääskeläinen is the former rector of the Helsinki School of Economics, the current Aalto School of Economics.)

At the seminar, an American speaker showed statistics showing that nine of the top ten universities in the world are private and all ten have tuition fees.

This strengthened our understanding that there may be an order for a private university in Finland as well, and for the first time we started seriously planning the establishment of a private business school. Half a year later, on April 20, 2012, we released a bulletin about starting the school. We celebrate this day as the official birthday of HELBUS.

HELBUS has grown in each of its years of operation and now we have already about 300 students enrolled. We constantly receive very good feedback on our teaching. Many of our alumni who have studied abroad say that HELBUS had the best teachers. Our partner, the University of Northampton, has partners like us around the world. They report that HELBUS students are the most successful of all Northampton students.

The credit for this amazing development belongs to our excellent staff, which in turn attracts excellent teachers to us, who in turn bring us, excellent students.

Thank you HELBUS staff member, teacher or student! Let’s make this a great anniversary year!




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