Student survey results, graduating class of 2015

27.01.2017 | | George Mossford


Each year, HELBUS asks for feedback from it’s HND graduates in order to allow us to better evaluate, and hopefully improve, the student experience. The questions asked follow closely the National Student Survey, a widely-used questionnaire distributed among final-year undergraduate students.

Data was collected during December 2016. Learners were asked to respond to each item.

Overall, 91% of students of students were satisfied with the quality of the programme (in that they answered agree or strongly agree to the item ‘Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the programme’). This is up 11% on the previous year.

Other areas in which the school was rated highly include the quality of the faculty (94% of students felt that the instructors explained their topics well), satisfaction with the level of academic support (91%) and staff availability (97%), and the effectiveness of the student timetable (91%). Students also felt on balance that the programme aided their personal and professional development, with 91% reporting that their communication skills improved as a result of their studies and 88% agreeing that they now felt more comfortable in tackling unfamiliar problems.

Areas that were highlighted for future improvement were access to learning resources (although only 6% felt that the resources provided were insufficient, 27% were neutral on this issue which is a figure we would like to see rise), more active engagement with the HELBUS student union – the Student Core – as 12% reported dissatisfaction with the organisation, and ensuring that feedback on assignments is provided more quickly (while 61% were satisfied with this area, 9% were not).

We would like to thank all the students that took the time to complete the survey and extend our warmest congratulations once again for their achievement in graduating!


George Mossford


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