Admissions Process

HELBUS is a private business school and the admissions process differs significantly from state universities in Finland. If you already have a residence permit in Finland, or are an EU-citizen the following admissions process will apply to you.



  • You can start your studies any time a new course module starts during the fall term up until January (every three weeks)
  • There is no entrance examination
  • After you have completed your application form, uploaded the required documents and submitted the application, we will review it and send you an interview invitation. The interview will be held by telephone or by Skype.
  • You will receive your admission decision by email normally within two weeks of the interview.
  • To confirm your study place, a confirmation invoice may be sent, which will be reimbursed in your first tuition fee.
  • Closer to the start of your studies you will receive the New Student Letter informing you of practical details of starting your studies.

Earning a study place at HELBUS will not affect your chances in the Finnish state university quota system, due to be in place by Fall 2016.


If you are a non-EU citizen who does NOT have a residence permit in Finland, please see the admission process here.

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