Our Instructors

As a HELBUS student you will be meeting new instructors from around the world on a regular basis. Our visiting faculty from 12 countries stay in Finland for three weeks at a time. Check out some of the teaching staff from the table below!


 Cesar Baena César Baena Ph.D., Professor, Kedge Business School, France
 Dr Thenus Pelser Theuns Pelser Ph.D., Professor, Dean, Graduate School of Business & Leadership, University of KwaZulu
 David Fagan small David Fagan M.Sc., MBA Tutor, Open University Business School, UK
 Brush_Photo2 Greg Brush Ph.D., Associate Professor in Marketing, The University of Western Australia
Aino Peltomaa Aino Peltomaa Master of Arts in Psychology, Career Coach at UP Partners, Finland
David guttormsen David Guttormsen Ph.D., Lecturer in International Management, Coventry University Business School, UK
 Julia Milner Julia Milner Ph.D., Lecturer, Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, Australia
 Antoine-eid Antoine Eid  Ph.D.,  As. Faculty Member in University of Leicester;
Visiting professor Nottingham
Business School, UK
 Martin Desmaras Martin Desmaras M.Sc., Managing Director at Crossbridge Consulting, Canada
 prince-saprai Prince Saprai Ph.D., Lecturer in Laws, University College London, England
 Rosmini Omar2 Rosmini Omar Ph.D., Associate Professor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
costas_theodoridis Costas Theodoridis Ph.D., Senior Lecturer in International Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, UK
C-Sappa Cristiana Sappa Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Business Law, ESCP Europe, France
Dr-Keith-Perks Keith Perks Ph.D., Reader in Marketing, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, UK