HELBUS Helsinki School of Business – Summer School

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, improving your English skills and  discovering Helsinki and Finland? Join the HELBUS Helsinki School of Business Summer School!

Academic Programme

During your summer business school in Helsinki you will participate in academic courses in two subjects: Entrepreneurship and English.

1. Entrepreneurship course

The course provides an introduction to entrepreneurship, from identifying a business opportunity to writing a business plan. Topics include the following:

  1. how to identify a business opportunity
  2. how to evaluate the viability of an opportunity
  3. how to identify potential obstacles and
  4. how to create operational plans.

Finally, students learn how to write a business plan. The workload of the course is equivalent to 4 ECTS units.

2. Business Communications in English

The course focuses on essential English communication and pitching skills and terminology for start-ups and other businesses. The workload is equivalent to 4 ECTS units.

Class times

All the classes will be delivered in 4 lessons per day, five days a week starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. each day. So each working day you will have two hours of Entrepreneurship and two hours of Business Communications.


Students who successfully pass the course will be awarded a certificate.

Optional Programme*

During your free time, you will have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities such as corporate visits and summer events in the city.

Visits to established corporations and start-ups

Finland is the home of many world-class brands and innovations such as well-known mobile games, Kone elevators, Fazer Chocolate, Marimekko Design and Moomin Characters. The programme includes visits to several Finnish corporations and start-ups.

Julia Kivelä/Visit Finland

Learn about the history of Finnish Art

The Ateneum Art Museum has the country’s oldest and largest art collection. It tells not only the story of Finnish art, but also how Finnish art developed over the course of history. This narrative is recorded in acquisitions of work, documents, oral histories and accounts.

Visit the World Heritage site Suomenlinna sea fortress island

Founded in 1748, the sea fortress of Suomenlinna is one of Finland’s most popular attractions, with about one million visitors annually. You will discover fortresses, walls, tunnels, dungeons, cannons, and even a real submarine.

Visit to Fazer, the maker of the magnificent chocolate

The tour will be conducted under the guidance of a Fazer Guide. The exhibition introduces Fazer’s activities, long history, stories, a wide range of products, corporate responsibility and innovations.
In addition to the show tour, you will have a chance to compare the tastes of different types of chocolate.

Linnanmäki amusement park

Visit to Linnanmäki, the most popular amusement park in Finland. Linnanmäki has over forty different rides and there are also plenty of other attractions, such as arcades, kiosks, restaurants, the Peacock Theater and the only Sea Life Center in the Nordic Sea region, Sea Life Helsinki. The Amusement Park has over one million visitors a year.

Julia Kivelä/Visit Finland

Allas pool

Allas Sea Pool is a gardenlike oasis in the heart of Helsinki. The steamy hot water pool, the ice-cold seawater pool and the hot saunas offer recreational opportunities for every day of the year.

Discover the midnight sun in Lapland

One of the most wonderful features of Lapland is the nightless night or midnight sun, where the sun does not fall below the horizon for two months, giving the Lapland summer its magical feel. Interested students can participate in a weekend trip to Lapland.

Cruise to Stockholm in Sweden

Take an overnight cruise between Helsinki and Stockholm. On board, you will enjoy delicious food, entertainment and a beautiful view of the archipelago. You will have one full day in Stockholm to enjoy shopping and noteworthy places to visit.

Trip to Tallinn in Estonia

You can take a day cruise to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. During the cruise, you can enjoy good food, entertainment and shopping at reasonable prices. In Tallinn you can visit a spectacularly crafted maritime museum, take part at Patare’s abandoned jail tour, visit a KGB Museum and Tallinn’s old town and its vibrant colorful houses.

* Additional fees may apply

Airport pick up

We will arrange airport pick up to take you to your accommodation upon arrival.


You will stay in single rooms in a centrally located student dormitory.


The price for the summer school including accommodation is 4.900 € including VAT. Meals and accommodation are not included.


July 16th – August 12th, 2018


To register, send an email with your contact information to summerschool(at)helbus.fi.

Contact information

HELBUS Helsinki School of Business Summer School
+358 40 501 7627
Strömberginkuja 3, 00380 Helsinki, Finland

Julia Kivelä/Visit Finland

 Reasons to visit Helsinki and Finland

Finland is a great place to visit for many reasons. Below are just few of them:

Finland is the safest country in the world. (World Economic Forum)

Finland is the second-best country to be a girl in the world. (Save the Children)

Finnish children have the third most secure childhood in the world. (Save the Children)

Finland has the least organised crime in the world. (World Economic Forum)

Finland has the third least corruption in the world. (Transparency International)

Julia Kivelä/Visit Finland

Next to Denmark, Finland is the best country in protecting fundamental human rights in the world.
(The World Justice Project)

Food in Finland is the cleanest in Europe. (European Food Safety Authority)

Finnish adults’ English skills are the fifth best in a comparison of 72 countries. (Education First (EF)

Finland is the third best travel destination in the world in 2017. (Lonely Planet)

Finland is the fifth happiest country in the world. (World Economic Forum)