Student survey results, graduating class of 2015

27.01.2017 | | George Mossford

  Each year, HELBUS asks for feedback from it’s HND graduates in order to allow us to better evaluate, and hopefully improve, the student experience. The questions asked follow closely the National Student Survey, a widely-used questionnaire distributed among final-year undergraduate students. Data was collected during December 2016. Learners were asked to respond to each item. Overall, 91% […]

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Entrepreneurship as a new unit

13.06.2016 | | George Mossford

We announced recently that we will be switching to a newer programme specification starting in the Fall. This new programme retains virtually all of the benefits of the previous pathway, but includes many significant improvements, such as a simpler assignment brief, broader scope and an increased visibility of key development areas. One of the new […]

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Professor Corner: Dr Greg Brush

26.01.2016 | | George Mossford

I have just completed my second tour of duty at HELBUS. There is a lot to love about Helsinki and the Finnish people. They may be initially reserved, but once they are comfortable with you and open up they are great fun; although you can also skip this preliminary uncomfortable stage with alcohol. If you […]

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Professor Corner: Dr David Guttormsen

30.11.2015 | | George Mossford

It was a great pleasure and joy to teach U08: Research Project to the HELBUS students. To carry out their own research for a business project was a new endeavour for most of them, and I was thus rather impressed with how open-minded they were to new processes and their willingness to ‘give it a go’. There were also […]

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Professor Corner: Dr Rosmini Omar

23.11.2015 | | George Mossford

Dr Rosmini Omar, pictured here with the Class of 2015, left us recently having spent three weeks in early November engaging our students in Unit 03: Organisations and Behaviour. The third unit of the first term, Organisations and Behaviour focuses on the behaviour of individuals and groups within the business environment and how these are influenced by the […]

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Guest speaker: Hjallis Harkimo

18.11.2015 | | George Mossford

On Wednesday 18th November, HELBUS will welcome Hjallis Harkimo to speak at our Töölö campus. Renowned Finnish businessman, sportsman, and member of Parliament, Hjallis will address our current learners at the invitation of a student group formed as part of Unit 38: Business Events Management. This first-term unit requires students to plan, organise and eventually host a […]

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Do you want to start studying toward a Bachelor’s degree in January 2016?

06.11.2015 | | George Mossford

What is HELBUS? HELBUS is a private business university based in Töölö, Helsinki. We offer our students a fast-track route to a Bachelor’s degree through a specialised business programme which offers learners the opportunity to develop the core skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in international business. The HELBUS programme is taught completely in English and our visiting faculty come from prestigious […]

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Professor Corner: Dr Antoine Eid and Dr Trenton Milner

21.10.2015 | | George Mossford

HELBUS recently welcomed two highly-experienced instructors to our Helsinki campus in September  – October: Dr Antoine Eid (pictured right) led the class of 2014 through U41 Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management, while Dr Trenton Milner, took charge of the class of 2015 and introduced them to the world of U04 Marketing Principles. Both marketing professionals, our instructors had a lot […]

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Professor Corner: Dr. Costas Theodoridis

25.06.2015 | | George Mossford

HELBUS recently welcomed Dr. Costas Theodoridis, Senior Lecturer in International Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan’s Business School, to teach the Business Decision Making unit. This unit was the last before the summer break, but evidently our learners were able to put aside their summer plans and focus on the tasks at hand as Dr. Theodoridis was […]

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